Final Video

One of the improvements we have made is the order of the shots of the suspicious figure outside. In the previous edits, the figure wasn’t there and then it was, but we have changed it so that its there and then it isn’t. I feel that this is a much more effective way of having someone appear mysterious, clever and dangerous. This will raise the tension.

Another major improvement is the font and the animations with it. I feel that this glitch styled straight writing has a more thriller feel, and encompasses the suspense by not being a straightforward and still.

Another thing we have added is the production company animation at the start. I feel that this makes our piece look a a lot more professional.

Furthermore we have used the new script in this edit. I feel that it really works well with the footage by adding context and having moments of silence where necessary to build suspense.

After showing this to our classmates, we received some verbal feedback to the following questions:

Do you prefer the sequence with or without sound?

With the last sequence they saw having no sound, they were able to make a comparison. The whole class thought that the sound made it better.

Do you think the music was effective? 

Again, they were able to compare this to our initial screening, Again the whole class felt that the score made the sequence better.

Do you think the lighting was good or better than before?

As this was our improvement we really tried to make this better. Half of the class thought the lighting was good, and almost all thought that it was better than before.

Was the voice-over effective?

The majority of the class said yes it was.

Does the title sequence make you want to watch the whole film?

Most of the class said that they would want to watch the rest of the film from our title sequence.

Draft 4


In this edit, Josie and Gaby added in a voice over that Klein has written:

‘Dear Morgan. By the time you read this I have already been found. I’m not entirely sure how they have found me but now they have there is something that I need to tell you. For years now I have appeared to you as the perfect sister but I have lied to you your whole life. I was a part of a group called the Senjune and their objective is to destroy mankind as we know it. A few years back I left the clan and set out to redeem myself by stopping them. For the past 4 years I have been plotting to stop them but it seems they have finally caught up to me. I am entrusting you to surpass me and take down the Senjune. I know this is a heavy burden, but in time you will learn to embrace it. As I have now been found you will be their next target. I am entrusting you with this because I believe that you are the only one in the Calliger family that will be able to do this. This was a responsibility entrusted to me by our grandfather and now I’m passing it down to you. I don’t know if I will still be alive when you read this but just know, I will always be watching over you. So all I can say for now is run, the hunt has begun.’

Personally I feel that it does not quite capture the ambiguity that we were going for. Also, I do not feel that it needs to be 2 minutes in length. I feel that having a 1 minute voice over with gaps to let the footage speak for itself in places will ensure that we do not over-do it.




To make this poster, Josie took a print screen from the sequence and edited it in Photoshop to make it black and white. After that it was simply a case of adding the text.

We googled what credits on a film poster typically look like and from this we found the font most similar and placed our own credits in the order that they are usually on a professional poster.

I think that marketing is quite a good way of attracting an audience to view our final product.

Draft 3

This is more of an edit 2.2 rather than 3. The main improvement was the correction of the punctuation from ‘D.O;P’ to ‘D.O.P’.

However watching this with a critical eye, the zoom POV shot out of the window either needs to be faded or edited so that the jumpiness of it us not detectable. Still I feel that the font could be improved and the name of the production company and studios will need a bit of work before we hand the final edit in.

Draft 2


This edit was made using the footage from our re-shoot. The footage is definitely better quality and the camera is now not shaky. I personally feel that the story-line in this one is more understandable than our first edit. I also feel that Lauren really portrayed the actor’s fear well which helped this.

Our areas for improvement would be the length as it is still not 2 minutes. The typography because I do not feel it captures the genre of our film very well. Furthermore we will see from our feedback whether to add a voice over or not.

Law Abiding Citizen

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 15.13.48

‘A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family’s killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.’

I thoroughly enjoyed this 2009 crime thriller. Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx worked perfectly well together making it comfortable to watch. The concept of the film was new and it kept me genuinely engaged for the full 109 minutes.

The death of Shelton’s family is an immediate way of creating an emotional attachment with him and consequently throughout the film we want the best for him. This is important as he essentially starts doing some pretty mean stuff, and the film takes the character so far that as a viewer you have to decide when is it that you stop liking him. It is hard for the audience to view him, the victim, as the perpetrator, but the film hacks away at this image until finally you can’t defend him anymore.

I felt that it had the perfect amount of turns and twists, with the deaths of characters you would not expect. Although annoying when watching, in hindsight it was the right amount of loss paired with victories.

The only improvement I could possibly say is that the ending is somewhat of a cop out. Throughout the film I was constantly thinking how could Shelton have orchestrated these elaborate attacks while being inside prison. It had so many possibilities of whether he had a secret organisation, some sort of power or that it wasn’t him after all. However, when at the end they discover that it was in fact just a tunnel from his cell to the outside world, although a very elaborate tunnel, it was somewhat of a let down. It was impressive how well he hid it but essentially a prisoner tunneling out of prison is a time old film story line.

The very ending was also unexpected, and this for me brought it back from being potentially a let down. With Shelton’s death, it is hard to feel sympathy due to all of his crimes. However, with the reference to his family right before he dies it is a reminder of how well his life was going before they left him and you think back to him being innocent and start thinking about what could have been.


On Sunday we filmed our re-shoot. Obviously again we made up our actor to look beaten and tired. Below is our actor’s transformation.


Learning from our feedback from last time’s edit, we had to change how we produced the lighting as it effected the quality of our footage. This time, we filmed in full brightness, and added extra light onto the right hand side of most of our shots to reflect what would be the moonlight coming through the window. In editing we will then darken the footage to make it look as though the light is off, but hopefully having the light on when filming will mean that the quality of our title sequence is better than last time.


Another change that we made this time was including various angles of the same action. Although we were guided by our storyboard and that is what we intend to stick to, we filmed the same thing several times to get different angles so that we have the option to see what works best. Also, as some of our audience were confused by the story-line, we have included some shots of the same action in a different order. E.g. pick up gun, look out window, put down chair compared to put down chair, pick up gun, look out window. This will hopefully mean that if our audience do not understand our second edit we have options that we can change so that they can understand.

Also this time we used a tri-pod to make our footage less shaky as this was an improvement from our teacher. It was a lot easier and I feel that our footage does look more professional.